Software Development

Writing software occupies me since 1973. During the last years I specialized on controlling equipment and processing of measurement data.


This is where object oriented languages like Delphi® or JavaTM are used. By means of appropriate control hardware even complex and highly interactive tasks can be performed.

Measurement Data Processing
Example Main window of a quality testing machine
Capturing of sensor data over longer time frames, statistical evaluations, data base storage (InterBase® / Firebird)
Operation of Quality Testing Machinery
Example User programmable control
Control of long time tests, specimen replacement by handling systems, user programmable test rigs


Several different types of microcontrollers have been used over the years. Besides machine code also C programming skills are available.

Open and Closed Loop Control

external example:
Heater GoT700
Operation of connected hardware, capturing of sensor input, control of speeds and temperatures
User Interface
Example Display of plastic sheet welding machine
Output of measurement and process data, input of control commands, display programming
PC Interfacing
Data transfer over parallel or serial connections, data archiving on memory cards (MMC, SD)
Hardware Design
Design and routing of microcontroller hardware, small batch production upon request

My customers include Braun GmbH and GoTronic GmbH

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