Example: User Programmable Control

programming window for test kit

For simple endurance tests a construction kit has been developed in collaboration with Gotronic GmbH which includes some linear drives and pneumatic cylinders which can be freely assembled to purpose by the user.

The displayed programming interface allows the combination of simple commands by dragging and dropping actor (yellow) or sensor (green) symbols onto the program area.
Sensors can also be used to record values over time.
Simple decisions (e.g. current > 1 A) and (conditional) loops can be used for flow control. (Example macro program)
Parts of a macro program can be reused as subroutines.

Depending on hardware capabilities, multiple macro programs can be run simultaneously and independently, provided they do not use the same actors or sensors.

The software was realized in Delphi®.

Delphi is a registered trademark of Embarcadero Technologies. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.