Some of the tools developed during years of struggling through ProE may also be interesting to other users. They are offered here for download, but without any warranties. If You encounter any problems, feel free to contact me, it may lead to improvements.

Trail File Monitor
During work, Pro/ENGINEER logs all activities to a text file called trail.txt. Analyzing this file can be extremely helpful e.g. in case of testing/debugging mapkeys. Furthermore, during loading of large assemblies start and finish of each file is logged, thus allowing to watch the retrieval progress.
This tool allows display of the trail file in real time, including syntax highlighting, automatic updating etc.
ECAD.Map Converter
When importing ECAD files, Pro/ENGINEER uses the file to map electrical filenames to Pro/ENGINEER objects (parts or assemblies). This file is a text file, but not very clearly arranged.
This script converts the .map file to a table file, which is much easier read and edited, and back.
Pro/ENGINEER to PovRay Converter
The free PovRay raytracing program ( offers a lot more features than PTC's Photorender.
However, creating geometry is more intuitive in Pro/ENGINEER, so a good idea would be to transfer Pro/ENGINEER data to PovRay. To convert SLP surface data to PovRay triangles a simple Delphi program was created for use with single parts on Windows.

Delphi® Tools

When using Delphi, some tasks can be easier performed repeatedly with the help of some 'quick and dirty' tools written during a weekend. When it goes beyond this, it's time to publish it here, as usual without any warranties. In case of enhancement requests, contact me, such projects are never finished...

Delphi Unit Crawler
more screenshot
When archiving a project it is crucial to include at least all files which are needed to recompile the program. More may be required for documentation etc.
This tool collects these files and also has an interface to Subversion version control.

Customer Area

Patches and other downloads for customers are password protected. The download links are communicated as required.

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