Delphi Unit Crawler (DUC)

Any Delphi® project consists of a number of files, some mandatory (project configuration, Pascal units, form definitions), some optional (icons, help/manual files, specifications, test suites).

Collecting these files for backup or version control can be difficult, especially when libraries and components from other projects are used - intentionally or accidentially.

This program parses a given project file for all units used therein and these units recursively for their uses clauses, resulting in a list of all units, compiled units, form and include files needed to generate the project. It keeps also 'where used' information to find out which unit(s) caused a specific file to be included in the list. More files can be added automatically by file type (extension) and by manual selection.

Besides that, the program offers an interface to Subversion, partly directly, partly employing TortoiseSVN for additional functionality, to administer the list of files to version control.

Besides Delphi, also C/C++ projects can be parsed (experimental).

Current version is:

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