Example: Configuration Selection for Pro/ENGINEER®

ProE startup window

The startup dialog shown above and the underlying scripts allow the setup of a consistent working environment even at different locations with varying IT infrastructures, controlled by few operating system environment variables. It supports Windows as well as UNIX.

Centrally stored lists allow control of the allocation of licenses to workstations and/or users. Besides that, a selection of project dependent presets can be provided, including Pro/INTRALINK® setup.

Working with different Pro/ENGINEER versions is possible, e.g. for release tests or customer projects.

The user interface and the functionality was realized using Tcl/Tk.

Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/INTRALINK, Pro/Web.Link and J-Link are registered trademarks or product names of Parametric Technology Corporation. UNIX is a registered trademark of X/Open Company, Ltd.. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.